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How to Increase Revenue With Network Sponsorships

Our Music & Music-Video System for FECs not only provides a fun, MOM-Approved entertainment experience, it doubles as a powerful marketing tool designed to help you increase your bottom line. FEC Music’s Digital Signage, Promotional Messaging and Automated Scheduling tools allow you to not only promote your own products and services, but to easily take on and execute Network Sponsorship from local businesses.

Who can profit from Network Sponsorship? Businesses like Roller Rinks, Waterparks, Bowling Centers, Laser Tags, and Skating Rinks are all perfect candidates. We invite you to download our Whitepaper which outlines the best practices and benefits of deploying your very own Session Sponsorship Program which includes:

  • Developing an Advertising Strategy
  • Locating Advertisers in your Area
  • Sample Proposals for Getting Started
  • ...and much more!
Download your free copy today and start boosting revenues with Network Sponsorship.