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Music, Music-Video or Both?

Why limit your options? FEC Music provides you with your choice of music or music video services. With FEC Music you have access to tens of thousands of hits, plus weekly, automatic updates and new releases. All titles are catalogued tracking unique meta-data including: genre, decade, BPM, mood, charting status, background, foreground and Mom Approved Rating, to list a few. As new titles are added they are automatically added to the appropriate play lists.
The quantity of titles combined with instant database-driven song information is how we help you create the unique sound of your FEC. You'll also improve your sound system's performance with high quality digital sound, that's pre-processed to create a rich and full sound.
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Our HD Music Video Library is formatted for 16:9 widescreen TVs and projectors in a High Definition resolution. We have up-scaled the classics and included all available HD titles to provide your customers with the best entertainment experience available today.
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Music Videos Screens Wall
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Mom Approved

Don't let an inappropriate song or music video cost you business. Trust the fec music and music video services MOM Approved programs to keep it clean.

All content is edited to not contain profanity and coarse language. We also exclude content with sexual or violent themes in these family-focused programs. Current, popular music can frequently contain lyrical or visual content that would not reflect your brand.

When you are on a MOM Approved program, our system makes it impossible to play non- Mom Approved content.

The combination of MOM Approved programs and FEC Music software security keeps your business family friendly!


The PG rating is designed for tween and late night audiences. Much like movie ratings, PG may contain some material parents might not like for their young children. Parental Guidance is advised.

Our PG audio content may contain references to alcohol and tobacco use and some very mild references to violence and sexuality. Our video content may include “Beach Appropriate” clothing, some minor violence, and alcohol/tobacco use.

The following are guidelines for PG rating:

  • Profanity is censored to Radio Edit standards
  • References to violence (fighting, references to violence that don’t result in death or major bodily harm)
  • References to alcohol/tobacco use
  • Very mild sexual references (the word “sex” for example, anything that’s sexual but not overly descriptive and it’s only mentioned once or twice, is not the main theme of the song)
  • Minor violence (someone being punched or kicked, violence isn’t excessive or prolonged)
  • Weapons (not being used in a violent manner)
  • “Beach appropriate” clothing, unless zoomed in on certain body parts
  • Alcohol/Tobacco use
  • Minor sexuality (kissing is fine unless prolonged or includes a lot of touching, grinding is not permitted as PG)
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Signature Programming

The FEC Music service includes themed, demographic specific Signature Programs designed for the business of Family Entertainment. Hundreds of Family Entertainment operators just like yourself utilize our entertainment services to develop new, as well as build on existing profit centers. Give your Special Theme Nights, Birthday's, and Corporate Parties a whole new feel with music programmed for Family Entertainment.

Our Mom Approved programming provides Family oriented music programs so you don't have to worry about inappropriate content. No more searching through discs and hoping the content is appropriate. Receive new content releases weekly and have your programs updated automatically.

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Custom Programs

With FEC Music, there are no cookie cutter solutions. Our platform is designed to make it easy to create a sound as unique as your business.

Content Management - Every track in the library has unique meta data such as BPM, Genre, Mood, Chart Position and Charting Date.

Rating - Everyone (Family Rated) | 21+ (May contain adult themes and language).

Template Rules - Create rules to dictate how often a track or artist will repeat per Genre.

Content Delivery - Ydour library is updated weekly. Tracks that match your Smart Playlist will automatically be included in future playlists.

Preview - while designing your template, create sample lists to preview the current template.

User Friendly - Smart Playlist Builder walks you through the custom list process step by step. Create a custom template in less than 5 minutes!

Remote Management

Log in and manage your entertainment with our exclusive” Remote Management Tool” from any connected device. Schedule programs, adjust the volume, *create custom playlists.

Create a consistent branded experience with a fully automated entertainment program.
*Music video subscriptions

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